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Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is poisonous but when used with the right concentration, it has many medical, chemical, and skincare uses listed in this article.

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Skin Whitening & Sunblock: How to Avoid or Reverse Darkening?

The skin forms the largest organ of the body. It performs many important functions including protecting the body from trauma, regulating body temperature, maintaining electrolyte and water balance, sensing pleasant and painful stimuli and synthesizing Vitamin D.

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11 Common Harmful Ingredients in Skincare

As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold”. What are we actually using? Are our skincare products really as ‘healthy’ and ’natural’ as guaranteed?

How to understand what the skincare labels are talking about

The Truth Hidden Behind Skincare Labeling

Does your skincare reflect whatever its label is stating? Do you know what all those numbers and claims actually mean? We have broken it down in to sections for you to understand your skincare choices better.



Apart from commonly listed usage of lemongrass, this article explains why it is the most natural and effective insect repellent, especially to mosquitoes.

Benefits of using honey for skin and health

Honey, Royal Jelly & Propolis

Bees might just turn out to be your favourite insect after all. Not only are they cute and fuzzy, they also produce these fresh ingredients full of benefits for our skin and health. These delicious yet natural products can be either eaten for health benefits, or applied to the skin as a healthy skincare product! Un-Bee-livable, right?

What is sweet almond oil good for?

Almond Oil vs Sweet Almond Oil

Beyond sweet and bitter, almond oil has different mode of extraction resulting into virgin, refined and unrefined. Learn how these affect quality.


Harmful Ingredients in Lipsticks

Time to be aware about your favourite lippie! What’s in it that you might be consuming too much over time? We researched top 5 ingredients that you need to know before purchasing your next lipstick!

uses and benefits of konjac sponge!


Not common in the west, Konjac has been used medically in China and Japan since 206 BC. Find out how it is perfect for pore cleasing & skin exfoliation.


Pearl Powder

Recorded in Compendium of Materia to Medica in China’s Ming Dynasty, acient Chinese and Japanese has since found the powerful beauty effects of pearl powder.

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Minerals For Skin

Most of us aren’t sure what minerals for skin we should specifically look for, nor are we adequately informed what our skin actually needs in order for it to look the way we would like it to look. Here is a list of 5 most important minerals and what they are for.

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What is Botanical Oil?

These are the botanical oils you will find common across many natural and organic skincare brands. These oils have multiple beneficial qualities and this article will list them in detail.

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[Infographic] Olive Oil

[INFOGRAPHIC] From farm to table, from culinary to cosmetic use, we have summarized the importance of Olive Oil and it’s benefits to you, especially for your skin and health!

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[Infographic] Benefits of Rose Oil & Rose Water

[INFOGRAPHIC] Rose Oil and Rose Water can be used differently, but what kind of benefits will you get from using them? One of them is rose’s antibacterial effects, perfect for keeping acne at bay!

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[Infographic] 10 Skin Nourishing Botanical Oils

[INFOGRAPHIC] Botanical oils are highly beneficial for achieving healthy skin, keeping skin problems at bay, and even invigorate your senses! Find out which oils work best for you.

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[Infographic] Lipsticks: What are in them?

[INFOGRAPHIC] It’s time you get to know what in it for you when using your favourite lip colour – after all your lips are the closest thing to you consuming anything!