Oily Skin

Oil Control, Acne & Blackheads

The root to solving oily skin, acne and blackheads is pore care

  • Excess oil and impurities clog your pores. An early symptom is blackheads.
  • If left untreated, blackheads form the breeding grounds for acne.
  • Not only is acne unattractive, the subsequent blemishes and scars are agonizing.

What is a good skincare routine for oily skin?

The below skincare regimen is designed by BLACK PAINT to target your skin concerns in a 4-step process



The first thing to do is cleaning your pores to allow a smooth discharge of sebum and impurities.

What makes a good cleanser for your skin?

  • It is alcohol-free because alcohol damages the skin layer
  • It has good extracting power to consolidate impurities

BLACK PAINT SOAP is a deep cleanser & blackhead clearing soap bar for pimples, acne & blackheads

  • It contains Kishu Binchotan Charcoal made from Ubame Oak only available in Wakayama of Japan. It has an unmatched purifying power, making it the best organic extractor.
  • Being the Grand Gold medal award winner of Monde Selection, it is made from 30 organic premium plant oils. Each oil alone is already a key ingredient in other products, but now packed into this single soap.
  • Blackheads are often covered by a layer of dead skin. Black Paint Soap has just the right blend of ingredients strong enough to remove this dead skin to unblock the blackhead’s removal, but gentle enough and not strip away the natural oils of your skin.
  • This soap is infused with probiotics to suppress overgrowth of acne bacteria and reduce inflammation from acne.

For Deep and Stubborn Blackheads

Our KONJAC SPONGE is the best companion for Black Paint Soap to remove stubborn blackheads which are too deep in your pores

  • This sponge is made from 100% organic konjac which has water-holding properties. Not available in other sponges, each strand of konjac fibre is encapsulated by water, which becomes the cushion between this sponge and your skin. This water cushion makes the sponge soft and comfortable, and prevents scraping your delicate skin harshly.
  • These Konjac fibres have a special mechanism. Normally, they are coiled up like a spring. When you press the sponge onto your face, they uncoil and coil back to pinch the strands of blackhead out of your pores.



AVOID ALCOHOL. Most toners contain alcohol because it can reduce pore size and kill acne bacteria. However, it damages your skin layer. Your skin becomes the breeding ground for more bacteria and your acne relapses worse than before.

You need alcohol-free toners that:

  • Calm you skin down so that it is relaxed and can better absorb nourishment in step 3.
  • Contain alternatives to alcohol that are also able to reduce pore size and give you a smooth complexion.
  • Return your skin to a normal pH 5.5

To Shrink Pores

ROSE WATER has the astringent properties to shrink your pores

  • Not only does it improve your complexion, smaller pores have smaller cavity for sebum build-up and less pores related problem.
  • It balances sebum production for less oily skin
  • It is anti-inflammatory and sedative to calm acne redness
  • It helps your skin to retain water, giving you a hydrated and plump appearance.

For Faster Wound Healing

BEST WATER is the mineral water for your skin. It directly applies 30 minerals onto your face which are essential for:

  • Cell repair and faster healing of your acne wounds
  • Strengthening your skin’s barrier and resistance to sensitivity
  • Pacifying irritation and redness
  • Plumping up each cell with water. Bloated cells push against your pores and shrink them. Smaller pores have smaller cavity for sebum build-up and less pores related problem.

For Maximum Absorption

FACIAL PAPER is a mask for a quicker relief of seriously inflamed skin and a deep & pacifying hydration

  • Using it with our toners reduces evaporation and prolongs the period of the toner’s moist contact with the skin, allowing ample time for absorption.



You already feel that your face is oily and you dislike the idea of applying more nourishment to your face. But,

Nourishing is the key to the prevention of future problems, and fixing the past.

  • Without adequate nourishment, your skin continues to secrete oil because it feels dry.
  • Nourishment also quickens the healing of acne wounds and prevents breakouts.

For Oil Control

OIL WATER is a light-weight lotion with the absolutely necessary nutrients. This single product is the only nourishment you need. It gives you all the essential oil and water in a single application.

  • Top oil layer: A blend of the most nourishing oils with Damask Rose Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil and 8 others that deeply moisturizes dryness
  • Bottom water layer: Gives your skin an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to speed up your recovery from acne.
  • It is easily absorbed and you feel fully nourished, but without the greasy feeling.

For Acne Scars & Blemishes

GERMAN BLUE is an upgrade of Oil Water that fades acne scars and lightens pigmentation

  • It has double the essential oil types compared to Oil Water
  • It contains Geranium Oil that is able to deal with acne blemishes and pigmentation
  • The Gold and Platinum versions contain lavender and tea tree oils that speed up healing of acne scars
  • German Blue is a best seller because it is a multi-purpose serum with effects for all ages and all types of skin problem. 1 drop mixed with BEST WATER is enough for the entire face, making it the most value for money.



External stimulants irritate your skin. Your skin then secretes excess oil leading to pore problems, blackheads and breakouts.

You need to protect your skin from:

  • - UV rays
  • - Dust and pollutants
  • - Air-con, or weather that’s too hot, too cold or too dry

For Sun Protection

UV radiation causes spots and freckles. It also leads to early aging. If you are having acne, UV increases blemishes of your acne wounds.

WATER UV CREAM is water-based, non–greasy and has a matte finish for you to wear comfortably for the whole day.

  • It contains shea butter and 5 other organic plant oils with strong moisturizing power to fend off the heat damage from the sun.
  • It is alcohol-free, contains natural ingredients and will not cause irritation to your already sensitive skin.

For sealing moisture “in” & shutting pollutants “out”

Your skin needs insulation from dust and allergens that irritate your skin. At the same time, you also want to keep nourishment and moisture locked inside your skin to maximize their results.

WATER CREAM is a multitasking moisturizing cream that works as both a barrier cream and a makeup primer

  • It forms a protective but breathable cover to lock in the nutrients of the skincare you apply.
  • Its keeps your skin moist for longer, especially important when you spend long hours in an air-con room. Preventing dryness will prevent excess oil secretion.
  • It forms a veil to shield you from dust and pollutants.
  • It is also a makeup primer. It evens out your skin tone and gives your foundation a great bond. You can conceal your acne blemishes and scars easily.

To Conceal Imperfections Naturally

To look beautiful naturally, you want to have

  • - invisible pores
  • - an even-toned complexion
  • - a matte finish

ESTHÉ POWDER conceals your pores without a trace. It also seamlessly matches your skin colour to conceal blemishes, leaving you a flawless but natural look.

  • Its major components are - premium silk and pearl powder. Ground into very fine powder, they sink into the smallest cracks, openings and unevenness in your skin. Being very close to human skin composition, they dissolve and are absorbed to form a part of your skin, giving you a smooth surface and natural-looking, even complexion.
  • It uses tea leaves as the natural colouring, which adapts itself to your skin colour to seamlessly blend pigmentation into a natural and uniform tone.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Always check the ingredients list in your skincare products to make sure they don’t contain:

  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • SLS
  • Artificial scents and coloring
  • Emulsifiers
  • Preservatives

BLACK PAINT uses the power of Nature...

  • To enhance your beauty with natural and organic ingredients.
  • No more short-term results from chemical skincare!
  • Best quality ingredients from the best sources across the globe. We use:
    • - 100 types of premium plant oils
    • - 50 types of fine essential oils
    • - 30 types of minerals
  • Heal and recharge your skin making it healthy and allowing your skin's microbiome to flourish for long-lasting beauty.

You Can Trust BLACK PAINT!

BLACK PAINT was founded by Miyuki Maeda in 1998. Her life was turned upside-down when her baby daughter suffered from a gruelling skin condition. It was diagnosed incurable. Seeing her baby crying in itch and pain broke her heart.

Refusing to give up, she searched for a cure from modern science to traditional remedies, across affluent countries to undeveloped tribes. Her enormous effort not only rewarded her the knowledge to cure her daughter, but solutions to everyday skin concerns. Read our founder’s full story here.

Black Paint's Founder Mrs Maeda, who through her love for her child found cure to their ailments through nutritional discoveries

Because of our dedication, we have achieved the 11th consecutive year of The Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award in 2024. This award is a globally renowned award run by the International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium, equivalent in difficulty to maintaining a 3-star Michelin accolade for 11 continuous years.